Weight Management and Diet Coaching


Weight management is a key component to any boxer’s regime. “Making weight” isn’t only important to competitive boxers, but a good diet is the underpinning to any successful personal training program.  At Le Boxeur Gym we work as your diet coach using online daily food logging and periodic weigh-ins to clean out empty calories, peaks in insulin, and bad eating habits. We don’t do anything fancy – just try to replace poor eating habits with better ones including replacing fast food, processed sugars, high sodium foods, and complex carbs with meal planning nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, grilled fish and lean meats, and good fats (coconut and olive oils).  For those on our weight lifting programs, we may recommend some protein and specifically branch chain amino acid supplementation for muscle repair. That’s it. Just two weeks of reviewed daily food logging will make you aware of where you can improve your eating habits. As obvious as this sounds, every client is surprised by what the food logging reveals. The key is having a supportive diet coach you’re accountable to. Together we can set weight management goals and figure out what works for you and your healthy lifestyle. Diet Coaching is available to all Le Boxeur clients that train at least 1x a week.