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Experience the Le Boxeur Gym difference! Want to actually learn how to box, not just swing on a bag? Want to learn how to do mitt work like the pros in a fun environment? We train the art and science of boxing as a great way to get in shape.  Low-key and intense at the same time…the Le Boxeur Gym is a private boxing gym where all of the training is done with a boxing trainer one-on-one.

Base Price – The base price is $50/Session.  Just call Fred at 504-704-9753 to schedule and pay when you get there. You can also email Matt at and pay with a credit card thru paypal.  We can loan you equipment for your first session.

Monthly Session Discounts – Discounts are available for monthly packages of 4, 8, and 12 sessions a month. No annual contracts or membership fees required – EVER!

Hours of Operations: M-F 7am – 7 pm, Saturday 8am- NOON , and Sunday 10-NOON  (?) (Sunday depends on Saints Schedule -sorry!). To schedule your sessions, just call to Fred at 504-704-9753 or email


1. Does Le Boxeur offer classes?  No. There are other gyms in the area that offer classes.  It’s very hard to give personal instruction in a class which is why we don’t do it.  If you want to get in shape while you learn real boxing skills in a fun and safe atmosphere, come see us.

2. Can I just drop in and hit the bag? No. We are a private gym, if you want to use the facilities, you must schedule a session.

3. Will I get hit during training?  Not if you don’t want to! We drill footwork, defensive skills, bag work, and mitt work to develop your boxing skills, build your strength, and increase your cardio capacity. None of that training exposes the student to incoming punches.  For those students that want to do light sparring with a trainer or more advanced students, that option is available. All sparring is highly supervised and protective equipment is required.

4. I’m interested in weight loss, does Le Boxeur have any type of weight management program?  Yes, weight management is a key component of any boxer’s regimen. We offer on-line and off-line diet coaching to help you achieve your weight objectives.

5. What equipment do I need to participate? For training only, you just need gloves and wraps. The gloves MUST be 16 oz sparring (not bag) gloves. Wraps should be speed wraps or simple gel inner gloves. We have loaners for your first session. We recommend low heeled cross training shoes, avoid the running shoes with the thick heels.

6. Do you have programs for kids?  Not yet. Working on it. Right now kids are welcome but are charged same as adults.

7. I’m interested in becoming an amateur boxer – can you train me? Yes, all amateur inquiries are directed to Coach Chaz 504-234-4154. Our selection criteria is very strict.

8. I’m interested in becoming a pro boxer or finding pro training and management – can you help? Yes, all pro inquiries are directed to Matt, 845-416-0218. Our selection criteria is very strict.