Trail Running with Qwikfeet

One of the best ways of training with Qwikfeet is simply doing short distance runs (1/4-3 miles). Running with Qwikfeet in your shoes helps to teach you how to toe strike as oppose to heel strike. Toe striking is landing more on the balls of your feet and has several benefits including less pounding on the skeletal-joint systems as the muscles absorb more of the landing shock on each stride. See the video on toe-strike running below:

Toe strike running

We run on uneven surfaces to recruit more of the smaller lower leg (foot, ankle, calf) muscles that help with agility and balance. When you do that with the Qwikfeet in its like a continuous speed ladder exercise on the trail…you can get a very good calf burn. Also, its different than simply jumping rope in that the trail training with Qwikfeet is not simply an up and down motion…you have to watch the terrain and connect your body movements with your environment – it’s very dynamic training. Please, like any good training, pick it  up gradually. Get used to having your weight forward.  Qwikfeet are easy to put in and take out. After the first 1/4 mile, simply take them out, put them in your pocket, and run normally.  Over a few weeks, you can handle toe striking for miles.