Qwikfeet – Increase Your Agility and Foot Speed

Being flat-footed is not always a bad thing inside a boxing ring. Punching power comes from sitting down on punches with good heel contact on the floor. And excessive bouncing can burn precious energy and should be avoided. But when it comes time to move either in or out, foot speed is going to make the difference in the those moves. Too slow going in or out opens you up to a whole host of painful counter measures. And its’ very hard to be quick when you’re flat-footed. Forget about just boxing, ask any linebacker, tennis player, or basketball player guarding the lane – getting caught flat-footed is tantamount to getting burned. At Le Boxeur we’ve developed an orthotic device to help you not get burned… Qwikfeet!





Qwikfeet are nothing more than simple reminders to shift your weight forward. You don’t need a coach yelling “get on your toes” when Qwikfeet are in your shoes – you’ll know it! Qwikfeet are prods designed to be uncomfortable on your feet if you sit back on your heels. The instruction is to put them in your shoes and shift your weight forward to STAY OFF THE RUBBER PRODS. If your weight is on the balls of your feet, then you don’t feel the prods at all. By making this happen, Qwikfeet inserts accomplish two things – first they remind you where to shift your weight  to be on your toes and gives you practice to stay in balance. This gives you muscle memory and when agility is called for you’ll automatically move your weight (center of gravity) to the right spot. Once your in the right spot, the second thing these inserts do is give you the capacity to stay in that position by building lower leg (foot, ankle, calf) muscle strength and endurance. Get the Qwikfeet advantage! Send an email to matt@leboxeurnola.com to order a pair. The cost is $20 plus shipping. (Currently we only have sizes for men 9.5+).