Head Trainer Fred “Big Fred” Kassi                

Raising HandBig Fred is the real deal. He’s been a professional boxer for 7 years with a professional record in the heavyweight division of 18-2 with 9 knock outs (view his whole record here). He is currently ranked in the top 200 heavyweights worldwide and is the current Louisiana Heavyweight State Title holder. Fred is a smaller heavyweight, but often takes out much larger opponents. Fred owes this success to his conditioning, foot speed, and technical skills. More than that, Fred is a great motivator, not so much with words, but insight knowing your ability level and what kind of push you need to be your best. Fred can be reached at 504-704-9753 or fred@leboxeurnola.com.



Coach Chaz Aguilar

 ChazFredChaz is in charge of the Le Boxeur Youth/ Amateur Program and is Fred’s corner man. Chaz is a great and dedicated coach who cares about his kids. If you want to find out about our coach and what he can do for you or your kids contact him at 504-234-4154 or at chaz@leboxeurnola.com.








_dsc3174Matt Nussbaum – Manager/Trainer

Matt is Big Fred’s professional manager and co-manager of the gym. He assists Fred train personal fitness clients and boxers with mitt work and nutrition. He is also the co-inventor of the Flex-Mitt® along with Fred that we use for all our mitt work at Le Boxeur. Professional boxers looking for a management team that puts the fighter first, give Matt a call at 845-416-0218 or email at matt@leboxeurnola.com.