Each work out is about an hour and burns about 500 calories. The goal is to keep an elevated heart rate for those 60 minutes and to provide intervals of high and moderate intensity.

CARDIO: 20 minutes; MITTS/FOOTWORK/POWER: 20-30 minutes: CORE: 20 minutes

1. CARDIO – The first 20 minutes is a warm up and cardio exercises specifically designed to improve your endurance – anaerobic and aerobic – and target hips, legs, and butts. Different types of cardio work and intensity are used depending on the condition of the athlete (that’s right you’re an athlete or will be soon!). Our cardio circuit is low-med impact and includes a variety of exercises including plyomterics  jumping rope, lunges, sprints, stairs, bike, weighted balls, speed ladders, and more rope jumping (you will get good at this!). After a quick water break, it’s time to wrap your hands. We are careful to protect the athlete’s hands at all time and have speed wraps and gloves for purchase or you are welcome to bring your own. Our trainers will make sure they fit correctly and that your hands are protected.

2. MITTS: Then begins your mitt training. Unlike other boxing gyms with one instructor in a class of 20 hitting a heavy bag, this is one-on-one training with a professional boxer/trainer to train you to punch correctly, block punches correctly, and improve your mobility and balance. This is not about punching hard, but being quick, moving your feet, knowing your distance, and understanding the timing of counter-punching.. The trainer never hits the athlete during mitt training, only teaches the athlete to make both offensive and defensive moves in a high intensity interval setting. This is training and not sparring; no opponent can hit you back! (We do have supervised sparring for those interested and approved.) Mitt training goes in 3 minute rounds with 30 second breaks. At first you may only be able to go 1 or 2 rounds of mitt training, but as your conditioning improves you can work up to 6-8 rounds, with no breaks. In between or alternating rounds, the heavy bag and speed bag may be worked into your training program to improve your power and speed. Mitt training lasts 20-30 minutes.

3. Abs: The final 20 minutes of training is a core work out. Various ab exercises are given to strengthen abs and lower back, with a 5 minute stretch and cool down.

DONE for today!